Astronomical Timer Benefits – We Use Unique Lighting Logic Timer

For a number of years, landscape lighting companies have depended on different techniques to automate the switching on and off mechanism of low voltage transformers. In the absence of this automation, the exterior lighting system would be required manual activation and deactivation that could be an overwhelming task for most homeowners.

An astronomical timer is one of the convenient ways to manage your landscape lighting. The use of an astronomical timer is a comparatively least expensive solution to activate or deactivate your outdoor lighting system. Astronomical timers function by having the timings of sunrise and sunset programmed in the timer. An astronomical timer does not have a light sensor. Therefore, it allows for better adjustments in starting and ending times with an extensive range of different preset actions. Astronomical timers make use of a preset database that includes timing for sunrise and sunset to guide your architectural lighting system about when to switch on and switch off. All you need to do is to feed some information to your astronomical timers such as your location, date and time and during what time of night you want your landscape lighting to glow. Astronomical timers are as easy as they sound. You need to set them once and you will be free from the hassle of turning on and off your outdoor lighting daily.

Astronomical timers offer a major benefit of being more accurate as compared to other available options for architectural lighting automation. In addition to that, astronomical timers offer a comparatively better battery backup. This means that even if there is a power outage, the device is capable of working. Even though there is always a possibility of a unique situation, commonly astronomical timers offer offers the best value for homeowners and they are most easy to operate. Astronomical timers have become increasingly popular as homeowners have started to learn about the amazing benefits they offer.

At Lampscape Designs, we offer astronomical timers by Unique Lighting Logic. The astronomical timers by Unique Lighting Logic offer a hassle-free way to automate your landscape lighting through its easy-to-install wireless system. The best thing about astronomical timers by Unique Lighting Logic is that you can get them installed in your both new and existing architectural lighting systems.