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Astronomical Timer Benefits – We Use Unique Lighting Logic Timer

For a number of years, landscape lighting companies have depended on different techniques to automate the switching on and off mechanism of low voltage transformers. In the absence of this...
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Difference between DYI (Do It Yourself) VS Professional

When it comes to a landscape lighting project or any kind of outdoor lighting venture, homeowners in South Florida have the choice of DYI (Do It Yourself) or hiring a...
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Difference between LED Bulb VS Integrated LED Light

Difference between LED Bulb VS Integrated LED Light When it comes to landscape lighting, both LED bulb and integrated LED light fixtures to have their distinct benefits and drawbacks. An...
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Brighten Up Your Dock with Underwater Dock Lighting

When we talk about landscape lighting, this does not mean that we are limited to the land only, but we can provide the property owners with superior quality underwater dock...
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What Is The Difference Between Centennial Brass VS Aluminum In South Florida Due To High Salt Water Environment And Rain?

Considering the high salt water environment and tropical climate of South Florida, many property owners have to deal with its impact on metal fixtures of their homes and buildings. South...
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VLO Landscape Lighting By Kichler

Variable Lumen Output is the latest standard in landscape lighting design, flexibility, and installation. Each of the Variable Lumen Output fixture offers three different lumen outputs and you can conveniently...

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