Difference between LED Bulb VS Integrated LED Light

Difference between LED Bulb VS Integrated LED Light

When it comes to landscape lighting, both LED bulb and integrated LED light fixtures to have their distinct benefits and drawbacks. An integrated LED light fixture is a complete outdoor lighting fixture assembly that contains an in-built LED lamp. Even though integrated lighting fixtures have simplified lighting system installation, choosing them comes with their own challenges in terms of lighting upgrades and maintenance.

Flexibility is the basic benefit of selecting a LED bulb based product for your exterior lighting. Across South Florida, there are millions of existing architectural lighting fixture installations, which are capable of being upgraded to a more efficient LED technology by simply changing the previous lamp. This option is considerably inexpensive as compare to completely removing and replacing integrated LED fixture when there is a need to change color temperatures, beam spreads or even a small part.

At present, there is a less number of integrated LED fixture manufacturers and more companies are focused on making non-integrated exterior lighting fixtures. Non-integrated lighting fixtures for landscape lighting offer an extensive range of colors, design, shapes, and sizes that can be set up in latest designs with LED bulbs in a range of different configurations.

Benefits and Drawbacks of LEB Bulb

  • Inexpensive to set up and retrofit.
  • Energy efficient and allows for a quick return on investment.
  • The flexibility of size, shape, and texture, offering a number of different color temperatures and beam spreads.
  • Can be easily fitted into most of the old and new outdoor lighting fixtures from a range of different manufacturers.
  • Offers limited lumen output equivalent to 20W halogen approximately. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of Integrated LED Fixtures

  • Higher lumen output approximately 35W to a 50W halogen. 
  • Cost more when it comes to retrofitting
  • Limited choice of architectural lighting fixtures
  • Limited options in terms of size, shape, and texture. 

Provided the small form aspect and considering that the heat is hostile for the overall durability of LED chips, it becomes extremely difficult to accomplish an equivalent lumen output to a few integrated LED fixtures with higher wattage. Considering this, lumen output on current LED bulb is more appropriate for most of the landscape lighting applications and advanced technologies are paving the way towards better possibilities for higher lumen lamps to deal with this trivial limitation.