How can Outdoor Lighting Increase the Value of Your Property?

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Landscape lighting done right certainly adds to the curb appeal of your home in a variety of ways. It is not just a perfect way to accentuate the structure of your architecture, but also quite important to the security and safety of your house. Many realtors particularly recommend hiring professional landscape lighting companies that could help improve the exterior lighting of the property before putting it up for sale and arranging an open house. 

Here are a few ways in particular which outdoor lighting helps increasing the value of any property. 

Accentuate the Architecture: Outdoor lighting accentuates the architectural beauty of the house making it look even more magnificent. You can use up-lighting to cast shadows or silhouette the shrubbery, gazebos, or other landscaping features to make your house look appealing. You can also lighten up the plantation in your front yard strategically to create focal points that garner the interest of visitors.

An Added Curb Appeal: Nothing sells better than a property that allows buyers to picture themselves partying with their friends and family there. Professionally done outdoor lighting adds to the curb appeal of your property making it look warm and welcoming to buyers. You can install lights up in the trees or high up on your house that cast down shadows making pathways walking up to your door visible all the while giving your exterior a splendid look.  

Aesthetic Appeal: Flaunt off your aesthetics by choosing thematic lamp posts and sculptured light shades to enhance the value of your property. The better the exterior looks, the higher the price that your house is going to sell for. Installing Victorian or street-styled lamp posts and underground LED lights on your patio, pool deck, and driveways adds to the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Added Security: While aesthetics are important to any property, a sense of security and safety comes first. According to statistics, there are over 4,500 home burglaries in the US every day and over 34% of these burglars enter the property using the front door. Outdoor lighting is pivotal to the security of any house. Houses with proper landscape lighting conveniently deter criminals thus making them safer and adding to the value of the property in general.

Enhanced Smart Home Capability: With digital advancements, you can control almost everything from your smartphone be it a thermostat, an air conditioner, or your home security system. The advancement is no different when it comes to landscape lighting. You can get accentuating LED lights installed around your property that can be conveniently adjusted as per the environment. If you are planning to host a party, you don’t have to think about readjusting the lighting manually, you can simply change the lighting colors through your smartphone with a smart landscape lighting system. This in turn adds a lot to the selling value of your home. 

While landscape lighting might seem like a hefty investment at first, the benefits it promises are unparalleled especially since it surges the value of your property significantly.