How long should a landscape lighting system last?

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Homeowners are generally concerned about the life of their outdoor lights and why shouldn’t they be?  After all, buying and installing outdoor lights is a costly investment. Also, it is quite a big hassle to have the lights replaced regularly in case they turn out to be of low quality. There are quite a lot of factors that determine the durability of a landscape lighting system. A professional system will always be at the top of the list.

Professional Installation 

Professional equipment should always be used for light installation. The professional system is always done keeping in mind the future risks, hazards, etc. This is what contributes to the life of the lighting system. On the other hand, if the lights are installed by someone with lack of knowledge, the chances of them breaking down faster are high. 

Proper Maintenance 

If properly maintained, your landscape lights can last you years. Here is what we believe – If you keep taking your car for regular maintenance, the chances are that your car would last you longer and you wouldn’t feel the need to upgrade. Lighting systems work similarly. Make sure you call an electrician on a regular basis to inspect the lighting and to keep the quality intact. There are number of households with lighting systems that lasted about 15 years because of being properly maintained.

Type and Quality of the Fixtures  

If you invest more in the quality and type of lights, they are going to last you longer and will be worth every cent you pay for the lighting system. LED lights are expensive, but they tend to be more durable than Halogen lights. Many people opt for Halogen because of its low pricing without realizing how they add to the long-term costs.