Lampscape Designs – Florida’s Premium Choice for Outdoor Lighting

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If you are located in South Florida, precisely Miami or Fort Lauderdale, and you need an expert landscape and exterior lighting company that could transform the outlook of your property, Lampscape Designs is exactly what you are looking for!

From some of the best permanent lighting configurations to seasonal displays and decors to celebrate special occasions and holidays, Lampscape Designs provides an ensemble of customized lighting solutions including intricate lighting plans for residential landscapes as well as commercial properties. Our lighting plans completely transform the nighttime ambiance of your property giving it a surreal and magnificent outlook. 

Still not sure why you should trust Lampscape Designs to do your lighting project? Here are 5 reasons you should choose Lampscape Designs.

Two Decades of Experience: If you need a company with experience and unparalleled expertise over landscape lighting, you won’t be disappointed with Lampscape Designs. For nearly 2 decades, Lampscape Designs has transformed the exteriors of prestigious properties across Miami and Fort Lauderdale and holds quite an amazing reputation across Southern Florida. Next time you walk down the streets of Miami and magnificent light-accentuated architectures and well-lit garden landscapes catch your eye, you will know the Lampscape touch of experience. 

Quality Products: Even if you hire an expensive exterior lighting company and get magnificent exterior lighting, what good it is if the lights break down or stop working in a few weeks? With Lampscape Design, you will not have to worry about the quality of products. The exterior lighting projects done by Lampscape Design all make use of extremely durable and quality lights and fittings making sure they withstand the weather and heat abuse without asking for too much maintenance. Be it lampposts, underwater LEDs, or lanterns installed on the exterior of your home, Lampscape Design only installs quality products that come with a warranty, all at a very fair price. 

Exceptional Customer Service: No matter how durable a product the natural and vehicle or foot traffic damage can always risk causing damage to your exterior lighting. Technicians at Lampscape Design make sure you don’t have to worry about broken bulbs, LEDs, or wiring faults. With frequent maintenance checks, our after-sales team works tirelessly to prevent any issues proactively thus building the trust of customers, which reflects in the 99% satisfactory ratio of their customers. Over 77 customers on Home Advisor alone rate Lampscape Designs 5 stars reflecting their utter satisfaction with the product quality, customer dealing, punctuality, and professionalism of Lampscape Designs. 

Licensed and Insured: The company is licensed under the state laws of Florida and also provides complete insurance for any maintenance and damages that might cause trouble to the clientele. 

Specialized Services: In addition to regular residential and commercial exterior lighting services, Lampscape Designs also possesses the expertise of making your special occasions and events ultra-special. With remarkable expertise over boathouses, piers & docks, as well as venue-specific lighting plans, Lampscape Designs can turn your exterior lighting dreams into reality.