The sad truth is that as things get older then upgrade is required. Whether we’re talking about computers, wallpaper, kid’s toys or even that pain in the rear outdated landscape lighting system, the reality is that standing in line at the hardware store once every 3 months or so to replace expensive bulbs and ballasts can become exhausting. The good news is that Lampscape Designs, South Florida’s leading landscape lighting company, specializes in system upgrades and will provide a complimentary evaluation and upgrade to fit any budget.


The advancement in L.E.D. (light emitting diode) technology has made it possible to reduce the wattage pull by approximately 70% in some older landscape lighting systems. Plus the overall life of the bulbs can run several years. That alone will ease the burden on the electric bill and dramatically reduce your trips to the hardware store. Did I also mention that the cost of L.E.D. fixtures is going down which means that the cost for upgrade may be much lower than you imagine.


Now is the time to reach out Lampscape Designs and have them asses your older landscape lighting system. Bring that outdoor luster back to your home with a new modern smart approach. Avoid those tedious trips to the hardware store and use that time to do the things that you want.