Outdoor Lighting Design & Installation

At Lampscape Designs, we understand the importance of designing and installing an effective and attractive outdoor lighting installation that works with the exterior Architecture as well as the surrounding outdoor environment and property. First, we carefully asses your outdoor space and design lighting that works with the exterior architecture as well as the surrounding outdoor environment and property. We will then customize a tasteful outdoor lighting installment that will effectively and simply illuminate the entire area and provide a safely lit, aesthetically-pleasing lighting solution for enjoying many years of enjoyment as well as for keeping your property well-lit for safety and overall aesthetics.

Architectural Lighting

Lampscape Designs has the experience and vision to design and install a lighting installation that will provide customized Architectural Lighting solutions for you.


  • Designing Architectural Lighting
  • Experience and vision to design


Landscaping Lighting

Lampscape Designs services the greater South Florida area and can provide a professional analysis of your front and back yard area space and layout.


  • Provide a safely lit environment
  • Safety and overall aesthetics