VLO Landscape Lighting By Kichler

Variable Lumen Output is the latest standard in landscape lighting design, flexibility, and installation. Each of the Variable Lumen Output fixture offers three different lumen outputs and you can conveniently select your desired output with a magnetic key. This drastically reduces the high risk of failure associated with a mechanical regulator. Variable Lumen Output is based on a smart technology, which enables us to allow our clients to enjoy more personalized landscape lighting effects upon the initial install while carrying less number of fixtures. In addition to that, Variable Lumen Output fixtures can be adjusted according to the requirements of a landscape over time. 

At Lampscape Designs, we only deal with the best exterior lighting solutions and we use Kichler for all our outdoor lighting including both architectural lighting and garden lighting. We prefer Kichler because they have a reputation and they also offer a guarantee, which is superior to any other landscape lighting product manufacturer. Kichler offers above 1500 exterior lighting products to choose from. This means that when it comes to LED light fixtures, our lighting design experts could deliver anything to satisfy your landscape lighting requirements. 

Here is how we use Kichler outdoor lighting products:

As we start working on our clients’ desired landscape lighting design, we discuss a wide range of types and style of exterior lighting fixtures and products from Kichler that they may wish to consider prior to the landscape lighting installation process. We are aimed at ensuring that your outdoor lighting products are cost-effective, energy efficient, and last for a long time. The duo of Kichler outdoor lighting products and Lampscape Designs Landscape lighting services assures a stress-free outdoor lighting experience. To know more about why Kichler is best for your landscape lighting needs, call us now to talk to our exterior lighting experts.