What Is The Difference Between Centennial Brass VS Aluminum In South Florida Due To High Salt Water Environment And Rain?

Considering the high salt water environment and tropical climate of South Florida, many property owners have to deal with its impact on metal fixtures of their homes and buildings. South Florida experience rainfall for almost 6 months every year. Therefore, when it comes to selecting fixtures for your exterior lighting, you need to know which metal fixture can perform best in the tropical climate of South Florida. You also need to consider the high salt water environment of South Florida when selecting metal fixtures for landscape lighting.

The coastal areas of South Florida are beautiful locations for residential buildings but also pose great challenges in protecting architectural lighting fixtures from corrosion. Aluminum can be a durable and lightweight metal for outdoor lighting as long as it is not exposed to a condition that can destroy its protective oxide coating, which helps in preventing corrosion. Aluminum resists corrosion that occurs due to moisture and air but high salt environment and rain in South Florida can cause a condition called oxidation to your aluminum garden lighting fixtures, which discolor the surface of the aluminum.

Therefore, the best option for exterior lighting fixture is centennial brass. It is the most suitable material for all kinds of architectural lighting fixtures including landscape and lighting and garden lighting in a high salt water environment and tropical climate like South Florida. Brass in a common term used for a variety of copper-zinc alloys with an extensive range of advantages in term of durability, machinability, solidity, ductility, color, wear-resistance, and corrosion resistance. Unlike expensive aluminum, brass is reasonably priced. Brass is among a few types of metal that are highly resistant to corrosion and does not rust even in most harsh conditions.

For those who are concerned about the lighting design, at Lampscape Designs, we offer a wide range of centennial brass exterior lighting fixtures by Kichler. Centennial brass has an innate vintage looks and feels because of its golden and brown undertones. The patina over time will perfectly complement traditional style houses and make a great fusion if your home has a contemporary look. Centennial brass outdoor lighting fixtures are durable and thick-walled, which make them ideal for the most environment including the tropical climate of South Florida. To know more about why centennial brass exterior lighting fixtures by Kichler are best for your landscape lighting needs, call us now to talk to our exterior lighting experts.

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